There are two university canteens in Macerata: one is in the historic town centre and the other in the Faculty of Education-Tourism. Both are run by ERSU (the Regional Agency for students’ services). You will need a rechargeable card (“tessera ricaricabile”) which you will use to enter the canteen and pay for your meal.

Canteen in the Town centre
Vicolo Tornabuoni, 58/64
Tel: +39 0733 5620950
Opening hours:
-Lunch from 12 AM to 2,45 PM
-Dinner from 7 to 9 PM (Apr-Sept) and
from 7 to 8,45 PM (Oct – Mar)

Canteen of the Faculty of Education-Tourism
Contrada Vallebona – Macerata
Opening hours: Monday to Friday
-Lunch from 12 AM to 2,30 PM
-Dinner: closed


€ 3,00 for a light meal (“pasto ridotto”):
• first course (pasta) or second course (meat or fish);
• one side dish (vegetables, cheese or potatoes);
• a drink;
• bread;
• fruit

€ 5,00 for a complete meal (“pasto completo”):
• first course (pasta);
• second course (meat or fish);
• two side dishes (vegetables, cheese or potatoes);
• bread;
• fruit or dessert;
• a drink

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