Macerata is an important cultural center, thanks to its University and to the several historical buildings you can find in the city centre. But that’s not all: Macerata has also different opportunities to enjoy your university life! The parties start on Tuesday, when all students go to Maracuja for a beer and to meet their friends. Maracuja is one of the most popular bars in Macerata. It’s a meeting point where to start the night.On Wednesday it’s a must to go to Tartaruga, a small disco where to spend some time having fun.

And finally… Thursday night!! It means the “official” student night in Macerata: starting from 10 pm, you can find all the students on the streets and in the main bars of the town. Bar Centrale and Caffè Venanzetti are the busiest bars, where you’re likely to meet also some Erasmus students or foreign students who want to taste a bit of Italian-style partying. For these students, an association called “ESN Macerasmus” organizes also events and meetings to share experiences from all over the world.

Starting from Friday night, at the weekends young people decide to taste a beer in one of the pubs located in Macerata: “Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo”, “Saint Julian’s Pub”, “Le Quattro Porte” are just examples for that. Most of them, however, prefer to get to the coast, where the most stylish clubs are located. The top is in the summer: you can even find a number of clubs along the seaside, with cool beach parties and lots of fun!

An event to remark is the European Day which is on 9th May.. For the whole week, each bar or pub in Macerata will offer a special “Aperitivo” ispired to a specific European country. It’s such a pity that you’ll be there just the week after!

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