Training Modules

Training modules on Corporate social responsibility for European machine tool associations and enterprises

The DESIGN-MTS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform for the machine tools sector, provides two on-line training modules, which have been launched from 30th May 2014.

The aim of the training modules is to foster knowledge and skills within European machine tool companies in order to help them embrace socially and environmentally responsible business practices which respond to customer and societal demands.

The training provides keen companies with guidance to integrate CSR in their business strategies, enabling them to translate CSR principles into effective actions which feed into competitiveness.

The training modules cover the core areas of CSR as outlined in the ISO 26000 Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility and specifically focus on four key aspects which are particularly relevant to
the needs of machine tool enterprises, especially SMEs: employability, demographic change and active ageing, workplace challenges and environmental issues and sustainability.

The content of the training modules is focused on the machine tool sector and its supply chain.

The training includes both general courses on CSR, and specialist courses relating to specific stakeholders’ role in implementing CSR in the machine tool sector.

The training is designed to address the joint sector-wide commitments identified by the project partners to foster CSR in machine tool sector.
These include:
COMMITMENT 1 – Raising awareness on CSR in machine tool sector
COMMITMENT 2 – Facilitating the implementation of a strategic approach to CSR in machine tool sector
COMMITMENT 3 – Supporting a coordinated management of a CSR platform in machine tool sector

Training modules include, among others:

  • Introduction on a specific subject
  • Case studies
  • Synthesis and guide questions
  • Discussion forum

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