Work Packages

DESIGN-MTS will cover the core areas of CSR (as outlined in the ISO 26000 Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility) and specifically focus on the aspects which are particularly relevant to the needs of enterprises in MTS, and connect to the main dimensions of CSR identified by the new EU communication, namely:

  • Employability and the need for not-only-technological skills
  • Demographic change and active ageing
  • Workplace challenges
  • Environmental challenges

To address these aspects, DESIGN-MTS has defined 3 key-areas according to which the whole project structure and its articulation in work packages and specific activities have been developed:

  1. information and awareness-raising on CSR, involving all the relevant stakeholders;
  2. guidelines and tools to implement the endorsement of a strategic approach to CSR by enterprises;
  3. supporting measures and capacity-building initiatives carried out by the platform.

There are five work packages that will facilitate achieving the actions above.

Work Package 1 Analysis and Exchange
Work package 1 (July 2013 – November 2013) concerns exchange of information and experience on three fundamental key areas to the introduction and implementation of CSR in MTS – information and awareness raising of CSR in MTS, conditions for the introduction of an integrated and strategic approach to CSR in MTS enterprises and their supply chain, and coordinated approach to support he spreading of CSR in MST.

Machine Tools Companies are invited to engage by filling in the Survey on CSR and sustainability in Machine Tools Sector.

Work Package 2 Methods, Strategy and Tools Development
Work package 2 (December 2013 – April 2014) concerns the development of sector-wide strategy, methods and tools to improve CSR and enhance its visibility in MTS, with particular regard to the involvement of supply chain.
To this end, there are 3 Working Groups established – developing methods and strategies for effective information and awareness-raising of CSR, guidelines for the implementation of an integrated and strategic approach to CSR, and strategies and measures for a coordinated management of the CSR Platform in the MTS.

Work Package 3 Implementation and Dissemination
Work package 3 (May 2014 – December 2014) will jointly mainstream, apply and test the results of WP2, through a dissemination campaign, joint support measures (technical assistance and training models), case studies, and participation to strategic sectorial events. All stakeholders and most relevant target groups of the project, will be actively involved – this would include participants from MTS enterprises, enterprises of the supply chains, buyers, sector-based business associations, and civil society organisations, work force and work representatives, public authorities and policy-makers, academia and educational/training institutions, and media.

Work Package 4 Assessment of Results and Further Planning
Work package 4 (August 2014 – December 2014) will:

  • analyse and verify the results of the project and the effectiveness of the platform, in order to make the necessary corrections, amendments and improvement; this will facilitate the durability and sustainability of the project’s outputs
  • ensure that the platform is inserted in a wider European network that will confer visibility and promote future actions for the promotion and adoption of CSR policies
  • draw a mid-term Action plan that will constitute a point of reference for a wider reception and spread of CSR policies

Work Package 5 Transnational Project and Financial Management
Work package 5 (July 2013 – December 2014) concerns management, coordination and evaluation of project activities and partners.