Platform goals and outcomes

The aim of the platform is to encourage and enable the European machine tools industry and the supply chain to take a strategic and integrated approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in cooperation with relevant stakeholders.

Platform overall goals

  • spreading awareness of CSR
  • fruitfully implementing and expanding socially responsible practices and best cases
  • disseminating responsible business conduct
  • enhancing the visibility of CSR
  • facilitating stakeholder dialogue
  • building consensus on CSR issues
  • fostering the adoption of a sector-wide joint set of commitments
  • providing a multi-lateral support to CSR in MTS and the supply chain thanks to joint discussion, best practices exchange, training modules, help desk, elaboration of suitable guidelines,  dissemination in the occasion of strategic sectoral events

Platform specific goals

  • identifying the key needs of enterprises in MTS and the related challenges in terms of CSR, with the aim of developing an integrated strategy on CSR in MTS, thanks to the involvement of the supply chains and the constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders
  • reviewing CSR existing tools and guidance and adapting them for MTS, linking them to the identified needs and challenges, also with the aim of developing monitoring tools that can evaluate progresses in terms of CSR by providing objectively verifiable indicators of outcomes and impact
  • spreading awareness and supporting capacity-building for European MTS enterprises, especially SMEs,  improving their knowledge and practice of CSR, and simplifying the adoption of CSR tools and guidance for those enterprises that, given their small size, cannot cope with high costs and too complex tools
  • enhancing and expanding the visibility of CSR initiatives and best practices in MTS and its supply-chains through strategic communication channels and networks at European, national and regional level
  • offering insights for policy makers with regard to what public policies could still do in implementing/fostering/disseminating CSR in MTS

Platform key outcomes

  • Existing Situation Analysis Report (ESA Report) on CSR in MTS
  • Best Practices Report on CSR in MTS and the supply chain
  • Sector-wide set of commitments for the enhancement of CSR in MTS with specific attention to four key areas of CSR: employability, workplace challenges, demographic change and active ageing, environmental challenges
  • Guidelines for information and awareness raising on CSR
  • Guidelines for the implementation of a strategic approach to CSR in MTS enterprises
  • Specific monitoring tools for the evaluation of progresses of CSR diffusion and visibility in MTS
  • Training modules to support enterprises of MTS – through national associations – in the process necessary for the introduction of CSR
  • Help desk to provide information, guidance, support and consultation to MTS enterprises before, during, and after the CSR adoption process
  • Dissemination campaign and participation to strategic sectoral events

You can find a detailed description of the specific activities and outcomes in the section project activities and in the Platform brochure

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