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A strategic approach to CSR is increasingly important to the competitiveness of enterprises, and can bring benefits in terms of:

  • risk management
  • cost savings
  • access to capital
  • customer relationships
  • human resource management
  • staff retention and recruitment
  • staff development and motivation
  • customer loyalty
  • enhancement of environmental performances
  • innovation capacity, and more…

CSR also underpins the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

It can help enterprises to face workplace challenges (especially employees’ health, safety and well-being), to promote horizontal skills and thus also to foster employability (of skilled labour force), to promote the objective of active ageing and to cope with the effects of demographic change in the job market.

But, in order to be an effective competitive differentiator, CSR needs to be integrated into a company’s business strategy and purpose.

Our platform helps companies of Machine Tools Sector (MTS) and its supply chain to integrate CSR in their corporate strategy and purpose, and provides all interested stakeholders with the opportunity to participate and cooperate.

By getting involved in the platform, machine tools companies and their stakeholders will have the following benefits:

  • enhance and expand the visibility of CSR initiatives by sharing and developing good practices in MTS and its supply-chains
  • enable a strategic approach to CSR in the machine tools industry in cooperation with relevant stakeholders
  • profit from support in capacity-building, especially for SMEs, improving their knowledge and practice of CSR, and simplifying the adoption of CSR tools and guidance
  • benefit from tools, guidelines and guidance adapted to the MTS and linked to its needs and challenges
  • benefit from training modules and technical assistance (help desk), to facilitate the adoption and the upkeep of CSR practices
  • benefit from a network of experts on CSR
  • collaborate with members of the MTS and the supply chain as well as with other relevant actors to identify the sector’s main needs and challenges and to define a sector-wide set of commitments
  • profit from the endorsement of a EU commission funded project and make use of the tools, guidance and reports generated by the platform


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