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italianflag EuropeflagOne afternoon in Dicember 2012, while I was attending a lecture at University, I got a phone call.

“Hi Andrea, it’s Fabrizio of Loccioni Group. I hope not to give you a bad news, but you’ve been chosen to take part in Grow on Loccioni project”.

“That’s wonderful! Thank you Sir!”

“Cammon Andrea, don’t be so formal! Call me Fabrizio!”

Story 2 Grow-On TreeThis is my first memory of Loccioni Group: a little anecdote that made me immediately realize that I was entering a big family. Starting from that phone call, the first Grow on Loccioni has sprung up. A beautiful adventure that lead me to meet and work with talented people and to built up valuable friendships.


This is Andrea’s story, one of the first students that witnessed and was involved in an innovative way of career guidance created by the collaboration between Università Politecnica delle Marche and Loccioni Group. Nowadays this project is at its third edition.

Every year the flier is hung on university walls: it has to attract students’ attention, while wandering in the hallways between classes. And that’s exactly when the magic happens: when the most curious ones make eye contact with Loccioni reality. These are the guys “with big eyes”: always looking for great opportunity to jump at; these are the guys “with sparkling eyes”: always enthusiastic about life and looking at the bright side.

Story 2 Grow onGrow on Loccioni takes the form of a multidisciplinary 40-hour training course and of a real project work, that changes every year. In this complete program, each student is guided and supported by a personal tutor to ease his or her entry into the world of work. Along with learning opportunities, GoL project refunds participants’ tuitions fees.

And that’s just the present of the of the story! Looking at the future, GoL discloses many interesting perspectives and concrete possibilities. Many students that participated in past editions, had the chance to develop their thesis projects within the company or were offered an internship. And afterwards, some of them had the chance to see their project works turning into reality: they were offered job positions or they started PhD research paths thanks to scholarships co-funded by Loccioni Group itself.

Indeed, according to founder Enrico Loccioni the most important purpose of being an entrepreneur is creating new jobs. That means offering to young people the chance of building up their own personal and professional identity. Then, a company should be interpreted as a common good rather than a private one, focusing the attention on job creation, market exigencies and people needs.

Therefore grow-on-loccioni represents a precious chance to make this vision come true, supporting talent growth, business model development and local territory enrichment. And in students perspective, GoL represents also the chance to deal with their future, measuring their value and finding their own place in the world. It is building a cathedral day by day, little by little.

Andrea, for example, took the chance to go to London and work for one of the biggest Loccioni international partner. He wants to become an entrepreneur.

“I left to come back in Italy one day. I want to study and see things travelling around the world. And then I’ll be back to try my best to change something in my own territory”.

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