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Take part in the project

For any information please contact:

Fiorella de Ciocchis
Università di Macerata – Dipartimento di Scienze politiche, della Comunicazione e delle Relazioni internazionali
tel. 0733 258 2747


If you are a high-school student

Check with your teachers if your school is part of the AGE project.

You could be interested in participating in the continuing education courses and in the guided tours for students. The students of the schools involved in the project will be accompanied by experts from UniMc Spocri, ODG and LGGRT in their tour of the exhibition and in the consultation of the other available material, so to make their participation in these events more effective and productive.

Furthermore, the students of the involved Technical-vocational schools will have the chance to compete in the Ideas Contest for the creation of an interactive App of the exhibition, which every partner will publicise on their website.


If you are a High-school teacher

Teachers will be involved not only in the guided tours of the exhibition, but also in the organisation (with ISML and Unimc Spocri) of continuing education courses on the didactic activity regarding the subject of memory and GULAG.


If you are a European citizen

You can visit the exhibition and contribute in keeping active the memory of events that are falling into oblivion.

Check our Timeline page to know the dates of the exhibition in the cities of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno and Bolzano.

Furthermore, we want to inform you that the various legs of the Photo exhibition will be accompanied by at least one public conference, taught by an expert, on the subject of GULAG.