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Who we are

The people involvede in the project are the following, divided by partnership.

To TOMASZ KIZNY and DOMINIQUE ROYNETTE is dedicated a special section that can be reached clicking on their names.


P1 -Università di Macerata – Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations

natascia1Natascia Mattucci

She is associate professor of political philosophy and lecturer of political philosophy, philosophy of human rights and analysis of political language at the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations at the University of Macerata (Spocri). She has published several books on political philosophy, plus a large number of essays on topics such as women’s rights, immigration studies, philosophy of technology in the twentieth century, political representation and citizenship.

She is the scientific coordinator for the AGE project and has  given various lectures in schools of Macerata.

Webpage: http://docenti.unimc.it/natascia.mattucci

Fiorella de Ciocchis


She works at the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations at the University of Macerata, Research and Internationalization Office.  She graduated with honors in political science, international area, with a degree in Economic Policy II entitled “Growth, development and cooperation for development of the European Union.” Before the university reform, she worked at the Faculty of Political Science, dealing with internationalization of teaching, websites, e-learning, orientation.

For the project AGE, she has the role of Project Manager.

e-mail: fiorella.deciocchis@unimc.it


Fabrizio Patrizi


He is part of the technical staff of the Web, e-Learning, Development and Research Office of the University IT centre (CSIA) of the University of Macerata.
For the AGE project he has developed the graphic theme and the websites (it, en) hosted by the University WordPress Network of which he is the administrator.

e-mail: fabrizio.patrizi@unimc.it


Chiara CrucianelliChiara

She graduated in Science of Communication, with a Master Degree in Communication in Public Administration. She is a Graphic designer at the Communication office at the University of Macerata.

For the AGE project she realised the coordinate image: logo and  promopromotional materials.

e-mail: chiara.crucianelli@unimc.it

Chiara Musio

ChiaraEnglish teacher and free-lance translator, she graduated in Comparative Studies at the University of Napoli “L’Orientale” in 2005. After spending several years in Australia, where she earned a diploma in Book Editing and Publishing at the MacLeay College of Sydney, she qualified as a teacher of English Language and Literature in 2013 at the University of Macerata. Since 2010 she has collaborated with the Museums System Association of the Province of Macerata and with private clients working on translations in various fields of Specialisation (Art History, Philosophy, Medicine).

For the AGE project, she works as a translator.

Viviana GiacominiViviana1

An expert in design and management of projects  carried out with EU and National funds. Consultant for public and private entities for the design and reporting of EU projects . Part-time employee at the Province of Macerata – Europe Office. Graduated in Law, with Masters in Project Planning.

For the project AGE, she is a consultant for the reporting.




P2 – Association BZ1999


Lanfranco Di Genio

Teacher  of French Language and Culture at Liceo “Dante Alghieri “ of Bressanone. President of the cultural association BZ1999, he organizes cultural events, exhibitions and book presentations. He is also a translator, a photographer and a painter.

e-mail: lanfrancodigenio@alice.it

Costantino Di Sante


Costantino Di Sante, historian, is the director of the Historical Institute of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino. In his research he dealt with history of the Resistance , dinternment and deportation from Italy, the occupation of Jugoslavia and Italian colonialism in Libia. Expert of photo-documentary sources, he realised many exhibitions and  courses on the didatctics of contemporary history. Among his published works: Auschwitz prima di “Auschwitz”. Massimo Adolfo Vitale e le prime ricerche sugli ebrei deportati dall’Italia, Verona 2014; Stranieri indesiderabili. Il campo di Fossoli e i “centri raccolta profughi” in Italia (1945-1970), Verona 2011; Dizionario del Risorgimento, L’Aquila 2011; Nei campi di Tito. Soldati, deportati e prigionieri di guerra italiani in Jugoslavia (1941-1952), Verona 2007; Italiani senza onore. I crimini in Jugoslavia e i processi negati (1941-1951), Verona 2005; L’internamento civile nell’Ascolano e il campo di concentramento di Servigliano (1040-1944), Ascoli Piceno 1998. Ha inoltre curato il volume I campi di concentramento in Italia. Dall’internamento alla deportazione (1940-1945), Milano 2002.

For the AGE project, he has given lectures in the schools of  Bolzano.

e-mail: costantinodisante@libero.it

Sandro Ottoni

Sandro Ottoni was born in Bolzano on 31.1.56, after the liceo scientifico he studied philosophy in Florence.Sandro Ottoni

Later he carried out journalistic and political activity, in Rome and in former-Jugoslavia At the moment he lives in  Bolzano, where he works in IT and publishing. He has published various literary works and essays.



Tommaso Di Genio

He is in is last year at the liceo Classico Linguistico “Giosuè Carducci” of Bolzano and he has helped setting up the exhibition on the Gulag in his school.



P3 – Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement of Ascoli Piceno

RitaRita Forlini

Teacher at the Historical Institute of Ascoli Piceno, where she is specialised in didactics of history. She is also the representative for Gender History. She has reconstructed the biographies of various female protagonists of the local history.

For the AGE project she has studied the profile of a Gulag’s victim from the Piceno area and she has presented it in the schools involved.

Gianluca VagnarelliGianluca

Gianluca Vagnarelli is a research fellow in political philosophy at the University of Macerata and President of the Scientific Committee of the Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement of the  Marche and the one for the Contemporary Age of Ascoli Piceno (ISML)

For the AGE project, he has given lectures in the schools of the province of Ascoli Piceno.

e-mail: gianluca.vagnarelli@unimc.it

VagliecoPaolo Vaglieco

After obtaining his high school diploma at the Liceo Scientifico “A.Orsini” of Ascoli Piceno in 2013, he has attended a Degree Course in Modern Litterature at the Federico II University of Napoli. He has had various experiences as a tourist guide, starting from his first job as “mini-guide” at the Middle School Massimo D’Azeglio of  Ascoli Piceno, then the first collaborations with the FAI during his high school years.

For the  AGE project, he worked as a receptionist and guide at the exhibition  “Gulag” in Monteprandone.



P4 – Osservatorio di Genere

Silvia Casilio


Silvia Casilio received her PhD in Political history and institutions of the Euro-Mediterranean area in the contemporary age at the University of Macerata. In the same university she was a post-doctoral fellow and lecturer. In 2013 she was a visiting fellow at the Grupo de investigación de historia socio-cultural contemporánea Universidad de Oviedo and collaborated on the project “Trabajo industrial: Identidades, memoria y patrimonio”. Since 2009 she has collaborated with the cultural association Gender Observatory  in several projects on gender issues and equal opportunities. She is the author of essays and scientific papers devoted to the political and cultural history of Republican Italy. Her published works include:  Una generazione d’emergenza. L’Italia della controcultura (1965-1969) (Le Monnier, Firenze 2013), i due volumi curati con Loredana Guerrieri de Il ’68 diffuso (Clueb, Bologna, 2009), Scatti in movimento. Dalla metropoli alla provincia: l’Italia e le Marche negli anni sessanta e settanta (eum, Macerata, 2009) edited with Marco Paolucci.

For the AGE project she has given lectures in the schools of Macerata.

e-mail: silviacasilio@hotmail.com

silvia luciani

Silvia Luciani

Her training began in 2005 with a degree  in Disciplines of Art, Music and Entertainment – Cinema curriculum at the University of Bologna, with a thesis in History and Criticism of Cinema, then earning in 2007 a Masters Degree in Multimedia Content Design, Post Production Video curriculum at the headquarters of RAI in Florence. From 2005 to 2009 she worked as a cameraman and video editor for various editorial offices of the Marche Region: ETV Marche, Teleadriatica 7Gold, VideoTolentino and Europocket Tv Italia in Rome. She has taught video editing and wrote and directed several works.

Vimeo Page: http://vimeo.com/user12084401

For the project AGE, she is the author of the DVD “Five winters.”

e-mail: zuzzilvia@virgilio.it


Filippina Calafati, vice-president of the association Gender Observatory, is a special educational needs teacher and a teacher of Italian literature and history at the higher education institute “Einstein-Nebbia” of Loreto. After a collaboration with the Historical Institute of Macerata, currently she is working with the National Association of Italian Partisans (Anpi), section of Macerata, on educational projects on Resistance.

She coordinates the activities of the Gender Osbservatory  for the A.G.E. project.


Caterina Michelinistanzac-caterina-michelini1

Landscape architect. Founder and member of AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture) , she sets up Stanza C in 2012. Specialised in France in the field of landscape planning thanks to a specialised professional and educational path, today she collaborates with planners, designer private clients for the development of projects aimed at providing well-being through the use of vegetation and conscious planning.

e-mail: info@stanzac.it

SaraSara Cancellieri

She defines herself as a “slow-progression artist “, she is a master in applied arts, interior designer, designer, creative.
Founding member of the cultural-artistic Association OZ, based in Macerata.
Within the AGE project, she worked at the opening of the  “Gulag” exhibition in Macerata.




P5 – The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania

Teresè Birutè BurauskaitèTerese

She graduated from Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (today Kaunas University of Technology). During the Soviet occupation she participated in the national-cultural underground activities and was interrogated and persecuted by the KGB. After restoration of Lithuanian independence she was recognized as Participant of the Struggle for Freedom. Since 1988, she has been actively involved in the investigation of Stalinist crimes. She has coordinated the preparation of the database on those Lithuanian citizens who suffered under the Soviet regime; she was also a member of the Lustration Commission, which investigated collaboration with the Soviet secret services. Since 2009, as Director General she has managed the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania.

For the AGE project, she has given lectures at Macerata.

e-mail: birute.burauskaite@genocid.lt

Vilma_JuozeviciuteVilma Juozeviciute

She graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University (today the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences) and holds a Master’s Degree in Humanities (History). Between 1998 and 2012, she worked as a historian at the Museum of Genocide Victims and was the Head of the History Department. Since 2012, she has worked as the Chief Specialist for Public Relations at the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania. She has been involved in organising various events, giving presentations and publishing articles in the press.

She coordinates activities of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania for the AGE project and has given a lecture in Ascoli Piceno.

e-mail: vilma.juozeviciute@genocid.lt; communication@genocid.lt

Darius JuodisDarius_Juodis

Darius Juodis, historian, is Chief Specialist of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania. He graduated at Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania). Object of his research is Lithuanian history from 1940 to 1991 (Soviet and Nazi period in Lithuania). Since 2010 he has carried out doctoral studies at the Lithuanian Institute of History.

For the AGE project, he has given lectures in Bolzano.

e-mail: darius.juodis@genocid.lt



P6 – Istitute of Higher Education “Einstein-Nebbia”

TorquatiGabriele Torquati

Director of the Institute of Higher Education  “Einstein-Nebbia” of Loreto since 2000. He graduated in Sociology and tought  Tourism and Accounting in various institutes for higher education.

He coordinates the  activities of the I.I.S. “Einstein-Nebbia” for the A.G.E. project.


Natale BiagioBiagio1

An electrical and telecommunications expert, he began his professional experience in Biella in 1999 as a temporary substitute teacher in higher education institutes with a scientific curriculum, then Professional and Commercial. From 2002 he was in charge of computer labs at Technical Institutes in Biella, Ancona and Osimo. Since 2008 he is a computer technician at the I.I.S. “Einstein -Nebbia” of Loreto, in charge of language laboratories, and multimedia and management function of the website. He works closely with teachers in school projects.

For the project AGE, he has provided IT technical assistance to the students involved, updated the school website, supported the students in the preparation of study materials.



P7 – Associazione Università per la Pace

Davide Guidi

Davide Guidi

He has been dealing for years with volunteering , ethical economy, international solidarity, both as an active citizen and as a professional. Speaker at numerous conferences and trainer on these subjects, he is currently the operational coordinator of the University for Peace of the Marche region and  is carrying out activities aimed at teaching consumer awareness in schools. He worked for several years at the Centre for Voluntary Service of the Marche and in his free time is involved in organic farming, being a founding member and employee of two agricultural societies.



P8 – University of Edinburgh

Claudia Nocentini

click here to visit Claudia Nocentini’s website.