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University of MaceLogo_SPOCRIrata is one of the oldest universities in Italy and the oldest the Marches. The Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations (UniMc Spocri) – one of the five departments of the University – is characterised by its research activity and by its educational offer, strongly oriented towards European themes ( master’s degree in International Economic Trade Relations). As well as making efforts toward internationalisation – proved by countless collaborations with European and extra-European academies and institutions – UniMc Spocri has been supporting research activities concerned with the topic of memory of the victims of totalitarianisms. The numerous publications by UniMc publishing house and the years of collaboration with the network of institutes for the history of resistance movements in Marches, are proof of the accuracy and reliability of our commitment.


The role of the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations within the “Amnesia Gulag in Europe” project will be:

– supervising, from a scientific standpoint, all the analytical, educational and research activities that will take place both alongside the photo exhibition by Polish photographer and journalist Tomasz Kizny, and also independently from the exhibition.gulag2

– Coordinating the activity of the various partners and guaranteeing the complementarity of their initiatives, avoiding repetition.

– organising and managing the first event of the A.G.E. project, the photo exhibition dedicated to Gulags in the city of Macerata, involving university students, local schools, citizens and local institutions.

– monitoring the different stages of the project through assessment questionnaires, halfway and at the end of the project.


UNIMC has contributed to dissemination activities. Its website has a unique visitors monthly average of  more than 57.000 units. Its newsletter is read by more than 3.500 people.


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