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Gender Observatory is a cultural association for gender studies, the promotion of equal opportunities and active citizenship. ODG is intended to be a reference point for institutions, associations, private organisations, schools, scholars and researchers who are somehow interested in and committed to supporting gender diffeP4 logorences and equal opportunities. This is achieved through the promotion of research and educational activities, providing expert advice and helping the diffusion and availability of documentary material about women’s issue regarding work, institutions and politics. ODG includes both the historical dimension, with its archive-documentary function and the socio-political dimension, with its research-educational activities. ODG promoted international conferences on the subject of memory, took part in European projects (Before and Beyond Auschwitz), organised vocational courses for foreign women and also school seminars about identity and discrimination.

e-mail: odg@osservatoriodigenere.com


Within “Amnesia Gulag in Europe” project, the role of ODG has been:

– Co-managing with Università di Macerata the first event of the project, the staging of the exhibition in Macerata, involving various schools in the guided tour of the exhibition.

– Organising a course for students and teachers on the subject of Amnesia Gulag in Europe which will be taught by experts on the topic.

– To make a forgotten memory such as gulags truly active, students of technical-vocational secondary schools have been invited to compete in an “IDEAS CONTEST” for the creation of an interactive app of the exhibition which every partner is going to publicise on their website. Through an interactive memory, activated by students, which therefore are not only going to be spectators or audience, we would like to make a contribution in building the concept of “European active citizenship”. ODG  participated in selecting the winning idea.



OdG spread information about the project in its facebook page and in its website (9.000 visits) and its newsletter (167 target people).

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