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The Provincial Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement of Ascoli Piceno (ISML) bases its activity on the values P3 Logothat inspired the Italian Resistance movement and on the ideals of anti-fascism, democracy, freedom and cultural pluralism expressed by the republican Constitution. Its task is partly to conserve and promote its own documentary heritage, mostly consisting of documents about anti-fascism and resistance, but, most importantly, is to collect and preserve individual and collective memories and study the link between memory and contemporary history.


The role of ISML in the “Amnesia Gulag in Europe” project has been:

– organising a staging of the exhibition “GULAG” by Tomasz Kizny in the city of Ascoli Piceno as the second event of the A.G.E. project;

Also related to the second event of the project, exhibition “Gulag” in Ascoli Piceno:

– the organisation of educational courses on the subject “The memory of gulags”, addressed to middle and secondary schools teachers in the province of Ascoli Piceno;

– the organisation of educational encounters on the subject of history and memory of gulags with students. In particular the students of technical-vocational institutes of the province were invited to participate in the “Ideas contest” for the creation of an “app” of the exhibition.



In its website, ISML spread some news about Amnesia Gulag in Europe:

27 aprile 2014 – seminar in Monteprandone

14 Gennaio 2014 – information about the project