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IIS Einstein Nebbia

The Higher Education Institute “Einstein-Nebbia” of Loreto is a public school that includes two different learninP6 Logog paths: Technical – Economical Institute and Hospitality Institute; it has a total of 1100 students and 120 teachers. Both institutes stood out for their participation in numerous national and international contests and projects. The general aim of the school towards students, families and territory, is the continuous education of people through a gradual and progressive acquisition of competences by the students, as well as integration and interaction of the school system with local, national and European territory. Various international educational paths (Erasmus, Leonardo, Comenius) are carried out with this goal in mind. The Institute planned a series of projects for analysis of historical subjects carried out in collaboration with the Historical Institutes of the Marches provinces. ( Viaggi della Memoria – Journeys of the Memory)


studenti IISThe “Einstein-Nebbia” institute was in charge of involving in the AGE project the years 5 students of the school and a certain number of teachers, with the aim of analysing the issues related to the history of totalitarianisms and, in particular, of Stalinism. The school made available some facilities, such as the Conference room and the Multimedia room to host meetings, seminars and courses that were part of the project. It took part in the guided tours of the exhibition “Gulag” by Thomas Kizny in Macerata and it publicised on its website the activities of the project. It competed in the “IDEAS CONTEST” for the creation of an interactive App of Kizny’s exhibition.


The school has a specific webpage dedicated to the project. It is linked in the School’s homepage and it disseminated detailed information on each step of the implementation.

Professors, teachers, students and families can visit it here:

In the same page, the Institute has published all letters sent to each class in order to inform all students about AGE project.