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BZ 1999

BZ 1999 is a cultural association committed to realising projects aimed at promoting the creation of an undivided P2 Logoand hospitable society, interested in the relationship between different cultures, languages and identities, through a free and rich circulation of information and the promotion of occasions for encounter and discussion.  Founded in July 1996, inspired to an idea by Alexander Langer, the association decided to call itself “BZ 1999” to highlight the urgency and responsibility to reflect upon the past millennium and the problems it has left as its legacy to the new generations.


The role of BZ 1999 Association within the “Amnesia Gulag in Europe” project has been:

– sharing with the other partners the exhibition “GULAG” by Tomasz Kizny, for which BZ 1999 owns all legal rights concerninKolyma. 1931-1955. In 1948 the mining and enrichment of uranium ore began at Kolyma. The work was top secret, the prisoners did not know what they were mining and were not protected from radiation. A tin and uranium ore mine, Butugychag mountains, south-western Kolyma, turn of the 1940s and 1950s. © Tomasz Kizny Collectiong rental in Italy.

– organising a staging of the exhibition “GULAG” in Bolzano as the third event of the A.G.E. Project, involving students, citizens and local institutions. The organisation of this third event in the Trentino territory appears very meaningful in the light of the trans-frontier nature, the history and bilingualism of this region.

– committing to carry out an educational and assessment activity through questionnaires for citizens and students who visit the exhibition.

– involving the students of technical-vocational institutes of the province to participate in the “Ideas contest” for the creation of an “app” of the exhibition.


BZ1999 has its facebook page, reachable by clicking here, in which it has spread information abaout AGE project:

13 October 2014 – Facebook Event

14 January 2014 – Starting of the project Communication

BZ1999 contributed meaningfully to dissemination in local mass media, sending them all Press releases (see page “dicono di noi“).