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  • Inhauguration of the Exhibition “Gulag” in Monteprandone (AP)

    The inaugural conference for the exhibition “Gulag” by Tomasz Kizny will be held on Monday 28th April 2014 at 10 am in  Monteprandone, Via San Giacomo 107 (Centro Pacetti)

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    binarigulagIn addition to the greeting speech by Prof. Francesco Adornato (irector of the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations of the University of Macerata) there are going to be contributions by:

    – Prof.ssa Natascia Mattucci (Coordinator of the Age project– University of Macerata)

    – Costantino Di Sante (BZ 1999)

    – Achille Buonfigli (President of Consorzio Universitario Piceno)

    – Stefano Stracci (Mayor of Monteprandone)

    – Vilma Juoseviciute (Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania)

    Coordinator:  Gianluca Vagnarelli (University of Macerata)

    Representatives of the Partners of the AGE (Amnesia Gulag in Europe) project will attend the conference.

    The inauguration of the exhibition “Gulag” will be at 11 am.