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AGE Amnesia Gulag in Europe

The aim of this project is to offer a broad knowledge of the history of Gulag in order to enrich social conscience.

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This project is addressed to European citizens, in particular to the younger generations. If you are a student or a teacher, click here to find out how to take part in the activities.


We tell stories from the past in order to create the stories of our present. Let’s share the emotions triggered by the exhibition, so that we don’t forget.


Over one thousand Italian high school students are involved in the project, participating in educational activities on the subject of Gulag and visiting the exhibition by Tomasz Kizny.


The Polish photographer Tomasz Kizny has documented the history of such violence with a research work that lasted more than seventeen years and was carried out in Poland, the USSR and Russia, drawing from the personal archives of former inmates and officials of the Gulag, as well as Soviet archives and, later, Russian ones.

"The chill (...) had sept through the men’s souls. If bones could freeze, and even the brain could be frozen and dulled, then also the soul could freeze over. (…) And so did the soul: it froze, perhaps to remain frozen forever.” (Varlam Šalamov)