New! July 24 – Available the detailed program of ADA 2013!

ADA 2013 Program (155.1 KiB, 965 downloads)

Lecturers and topics

Thomas Aigner, keynote speaker
The digital turn and its impact on archives´ role in society 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Aigner (13.7 KiB, 555 downloads)

Margaret Crockett
Archivists and Archives in the Digital Age: Being Professional, Professional Support and Professing the Challenge

ADA 2013 Summer School-Crockett (91.8 KiB, 639 downloads)

Andy O’Dwyer
Opening Multimedia Archives for Educational & Public Use 

ADA 2013 Summer School-ODwyer (562.5 KiB, 618 downloads)

Milena Dobreva, Pierluigi Feliciati
Archival interfaces and user requirements: issues and studies 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Dobreva-Feliciati (69.6 KiB, 583 downloads)

Mariella Guercio
Digital curation policies: an international state of the art 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Guercio (53.3 KiB, 820 downloads)

Gabriella Ivacs
Data integrity, interoperability: conflicting or enabling Open Data? 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Ivacs (57.2 KiB, 511 downloads)

Maurizio Lunghi
Long term preservation and access to trusted digital repositories: the questions of context and persistent identifiers. 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Lunghi (124.6 KiB, 474 downloads)

Federico Meschini
Semantic Data on the Wild: 
Linked Open Data, Institutional repositories and Open Learning environments 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Meschini (80.3 KiB, 512 downloads)

Enrico Natale
History and the Digital Turn. Change of Practice or Epistemic Revolution? 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Natale (183.6 KiB, 591 downloads)

Oleksandr Pastukhov
Information policy, IPR and privacy issues 

ADA 2013 Summer School-Pastukhov (60.9 KiB, 637 downloads)

Harry Verhayen 
Archives in the Hadron Collider: collective value creation in the 21st century 

ADA 2013 - Content And Readings Summer School-Harry Verwayen (172.3 KiB, 551 downloads)