day 7

Tuesday, 3 September

The closing day should be taken under the sign of reflection.

closing_dinnerThere was a moment, after a week of work and the wonderful closing dinner in the courtyard of Palazzo Ciccolini,  when everybody was invited to look into the future with the purpose of envisioning how knowledge may be transferred among the practitioners. What would be the institutional frame and what would be the policies on the bases of such endeavour?




The ADA 2013 summer school, with the voices of Gabriella Ivacs and Pierluigi Feliciati, asked everyone to give as much input as possible on how the future courses and learning environment should be modeled to approach as much as possible to the goal mentioned already.ADA 2013 groupwork 2

What a summer school is, if not a caucus for sharing and borrowing from each other?

Aula Magna UniMCAfter the discussion, participants were invited to take part to a short guided tour inside the ancient rooms of the University of Macerata: the S. Paolo auditorium, the Aula Magna (left) and the Antica Biblioteca.


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