day 6

Monday, 2 September

A new day – after the weekend pause – starts with a fresh chunk of policies concerning digital curation. Mariella Guercio (University of Rome La Sapienza) introduces the concept of governance as the set of principles, procedures and policies called when it comes to management of different bodies.Mariella Guercio presentation

There is a strong relationship between the policies one body drafts for the different segments of activity. For example, the ICT policies are being presented as „cause and effect” of the changes happening rapidly inside the organisation. These policies, in turn, influence the governance and in whole they shape how business is conducted. Including our field.

Then again there is the issue of lack of “professional profiles, related knowledge, skills and capacities” for all the professional environment that expect a type of a vision with regards to exerting leadership.Guercio presentation

The link between information governance and the information policies is a strong one and for this reason Mariella presented GARP – Generally accepted record keeping principles. This statement of ARMA International (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) brings a “set of principles for qualifying and making auditable a record keeping system”.

One example of policies was brought from ERPANET project as an effort to mitigate simplicity and clearness of the policies with the fact of the complexity of the lines that support it:

  • legal,
  • financial,
  • business ,
  • technical (maintenance, preservation, technology)

One of the important issues pressed on the agenda of the day involves the qualification of those who are meant to work with the repositories. It is a contributing factor to a possible auditing if the institution invests in the training of the personnel.

The human resource component comes time and again, and everyone attending recognised its importance in a institutional environment shaped by specific policies aimed at developing digital archives.

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