day 3

Wednesday, 28 August

Oleksandr Pastukhov (University of Malta) cleared IPR and privacy issues for the attendants. There were four main themes on the agenda:

  1. Information policy;
  2. Intellectual property;
  3. Re-use of PSI;
  4. Privacy and data protection.

There were talks about Public Domain and one of the important issues were the library exceptions. Here there were many things cleared and much useful information were added.Oleksandr Pastukhov presentation

In the afternon Milena Dobreva and Pierluigi Feliciati introduced the user studies, the methodology involved to arrive in fact to “what do digital library practitioners need to find out”?

According to dr. Dobreva, it seems that a few good starting points are provided by analytics information (unique visitors, access data per collection, popularity indicators), user information (demographics, and what are the ways of the users in terms of purpose and re-use), and, of course, the functionality information (is it intuitive to work with, what are the difficulties, etc). The challenge is what method(s) to choose and to obtain what.

There were presented also the top five reasons NOT to do user testing/studies:

– we don’t have the time;
– we don’t have the money;
– we don’t have the expertise;
– we don’t have a usability lab;
– we wouldn’t know how to interpret the results.Milena Dobreva presentation

Pierluigi Feliciati brought into attention some of the targeted needed achievements of the ADA program:

  • archival mediation and finding aids from on-site to on-line environment;
  • the role of standards: input rules vs. output neutrality;
  • what users want? some results from international user studies;
  • discussion on some case studies.

Pierluigi Feliciati presentationMost of the debate centred round the access. This implies also three important axes: usable, useful, performing.

Pierluigi raised the issue of complexity of the archival practice in relation to the ways in which you are suppose to access a particular act inside the archival system.


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